Monday, October 12, 2009


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I just discovered a little hummingbird in torpor at my feeder on my front cool is that??

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tag's Cats next venue, Providence Artist Market!

Due to the lousy weather, the HAL sponsored Providence Artist Market was re-scheduled for Sunday, October 11, from 11am-4pm.  It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day so come on out and enjoy some fabulous fine art!  Providence is located in northwest Huntsville off US 72.  We will be in the beautiful green field next to the Mellow Mushroom.

Along with the artists, there will also be a tent for the Forgotten Felines cat rescue, a local rescue that does fantastic work helping to find home for cats in need.  They will have information on their adoptable cats, as well as some fun goodies to sell, the proceeds going toward their needy cats.  I have several of their cats and can tell you from purrsonal experience that they do a great job with the kitties in their care.  Please consider helping support their cause.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

new art for auction!

Blue Sky, Red Clay
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A new encaustic piece, up for auction now on ArtByUs!

Click HERE to view auction!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

new landscape painting for auction!

Trees, Big Spring Park
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Up for auction on ArtByUs!

See auction HERE

Sunday, September 20, 2009

new on Ebay!

Bee and Rose of Sharon
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For the September Nibblefest Art Contest on Ebay, this original oil painting up for auction now starting at only $0.99!! So go check it out!

Click HERE to go to the auction!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unique Views of Huntsville art reception tonight!

Hey come join me and the artists of the Huntsville Art League at the reception for the Unique Views of Huntsville exhibit at the Huntsville Museum of Art! Reception runs from 6-8pm, tickets $25 per person and can be purchased through the Huntsville Art League Gallery or at the door. Food and wine provided by the Chef's Table, and wow can they put out a spread! But be sure to feast your eyes upon the art as well!! Be there!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Fisherman

The Fisherman
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Been playing a lot lately with my palette knife. I really enjoyed painting this great blue heron. I first did an underpainting using my oil bars, then went over top of that using just a palette knife. Had lots of fun doing this large piece!

Lemons, still life

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This oil painting was one I had started a few years ago in an oil class, and just never got around to finishing it. I decided to take out my palette knife and finally finished it late last night, yay!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sharing my studio....

Dashiel behind my easel
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....with the cats, ever my muses!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vinny, gone too soon

Vinny, gone too soon
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I just don't know what to say, as I'm still in shock. I lost my sweet Vinny last Friday. He was only 5 years old. FIP. Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Incurable, deadly, cruel. A strange disease process that still so many don't understand. And it affects young kittens and young cats. No one knows why it only affects certain cats, for some reason it mutates and that is it. High fever, and a yellow fibrous fluid infiltrates lungs or the chest cavity or the abdominal cavity. There is no mistaking that fluid, and after I discovered Vinny not feeling well last Thursday evening and he had a high fever (105), I took him to the vet Friday and an x-ray showed the fluid, and a tap showed just what kind of fluid it was. He was already having issues breathing, and we let him go.

You know, after I lost Theo to the same disease process before I got Vinny, you would think that the odds would be low that Vinny would come down with it, especially so long after the fact. Theo was a snowshoe that I got as a kitten and payment for my first commissioned painting. He came down with FIP a couple of months after I got him. His breeder then gave me Vinny, different parents I believe, I don't quite remember. But FIP is still relatively rare, you don't see it often. I have had the strange luck to have been hit by it now 3 times (my siamese cat Dashiel's brother died of it back in 2000, no relation at all to Theo and Vinny). And, Dashiel is fine, he's now 9 years old. Why it takes one brother and leaves the other...why that mutates in some cats and leaves others unscathed, no one knows. It's not contagious, it is thought to be a mutation of a virus that just activates for some reason in some cats.

Anyway, Vinny came to me as a 12 week old kitten, so sweet, so laid back, delightful kink at the base of his tail. Loved everyone, and they him. Nothing phased him. Quiet meow, typical of snowshoes, and BIG purr. Often slept on my head at night. Was one of my regular crew that hangs with me in my studio. Loved to play with and tease the dogs. I miss him so.

Just not fair.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New pear painting on Etsy!

Pears in black and grey
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See details HERE!'s all hair...

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Bil's new name for our biggest rescue cat, Pablo, is that isn't very nice! He's just big-boned...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Red-eyed Tree Frog rock portrait

My first entry into the EBSQ 2009 Ripped Off Show!

See the show HERE

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Member's Choice winner!

Pretty cool! My piece in EBSQ's Tattoo show got the Member's Choice award! See all the fabulous entries HERE!

Gratuitous Cat Picture...

Pablo & his rock portrait
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Pablo cuddling with a rock portrait I did of he and his buddy Cassady...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New pear painting on Etsy!

Finished this one up the other day, used my Sennelier oil bars, so much fun!! Love being big and expressive, this one is a 30x40! woo hoo! See it on Etsy here:

Giant Pear Pair on Etsy

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Featured Friday artist on the EBSQ blog!

That would be me! yay! Honored to have been chosen to have my art and Etsy store profiled on the EBSQ blog! Please be sure to search tag "EBSQ" on Etsy to find many great artists! EBSQ artists rock!

Check out the blog post here: EBSQ Art Meets Blog Featured Friday

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Of art and big bad roofers.....

Cats hiding under bed
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What's been going on? Well, today the roofers arrived as we are finally getting our new roof. Not a great day for the furry crew. The dogs were upset at first but have finally settled down and are used to the noise, except for Tofu who runs about killing all the stuffed toys. As if to say "hey, this is what I'd do to those roofers given the opportunity! Oh yeah, I'm bad!"

The cats? have pretty much disappeared under the bed except for a few. Life is terrible, the roofers are trying to kill us, nothing will ever be the same again. Oh the humanity....

In other news, I have officially become the president of the Huntsville Art League. It is a talented artists' community and hoping to help things there in my own way to get these artists recognized. In that vein, I have started a Huntsville Art League Blog and have been posting on a regular basis on events and such, please feel free to comment and follow!

I have also started a Twitter account for HAL, so feel free to follow those twitters as well!
Huntsville Art League Twitter

And, HAL has a Flickr account too, yes! I've been busy!

HAL on Flickr

Will be doing up a Facebook page too, heck, why not? I want to make HAL accessable to as many people as I can!

Otherwise, I've started doing a few outdoor events and gearing up for the big shows in the fall. Life has kept me quite busy of late but I have lots of ideas for new paintings and can't wait to get back to the studio....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Art on Main tomorrow!

Art on Main, sponsored by the Madison Arts Council, is an outdoor art show filling the streets of historic downtown Madison, Alabama for a monthly showcase of our region's finest artists, all carefully chosen for their outstanding work. Patrons will stroll the historic street to view and buy art, dine in the local restaurants, and visit the city's museum and shops.

I'll be participating in this one, with original works, prints, and cards. It runs from 10am-2pm. Stop by and say hi!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Orange kitty pet rock portrait

Available now in my Etsy shop!

Orange cat rock portrait listing HERE

Sunday, April 5, 2009

JRT pet portrait rock donation

This piece I just completed as a donation for a jack russell terrier rescue fundraiser, Carolinas Jack Russell Terrier Club, in South Carolina. I have a JRT mix, my dog Gumbo, and I love those little terriers.

I'm happy to help out animal rescues when I can. :-)

Click here to find out more about the JRT rescue and see their dogs for adoption.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Susu heats up!

Susu heats up!
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Bought a new space heater for my studio yesterday as my old one had crapped out. Hadn't needed it of late as it's been warm and spring-like here, however, yesterday all the stormy weather brought some cool temps back to North Alabama. So, I brought out the new heater and turned it on to see how well it would work.

I no sooner turned back around and there was Susu, my little oriental shorthair girl, right up against it. I mean, if I had started to smell burnt cat hair I wouldn't have been surprised!!

Global warming?? My cats say bring it on!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

foo dog tattoo sleeve, FINISHED!

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Uploaded pictures from the last two touchup sessions on my foo dog tattoo sleeve. 2 weeks ago, we had a 3 hour touchup session, that basically went over nearly everything....the blues of the peonies, the darks of the mane and tail and background, did some whites of the spots on the foo dog body as well as highlights of white on the swirls of the mane and tail.

Last night, did one last little session, just went into the whites again, and a bit of the light blue over my wrist bone (ow!). But, it's finished!!

I will so miss Shayna...I have been working with her for nearly 2 years, first on my tiger sleeve on my right arm, then the foo dog on my left. Lots of hours spent together, and we have become quite good friends. She leaves Huntsville next week to open a tattoo shop with her boyfriend in North Carolina. I wish her the very best, but will miss her. I hope we can stay in touch. The whole thing just leaves a lump in my throat.

Click HERE to see all the new pics in the set...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Nibblefest cat painting for auction

Cat Groom
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Here's my last entry for auction for the Nibblefest Ebay art contest, theme this month, "asian inspired". I love doing chinese brushwork ink paintings of cats, and this is definitely asian-inspired, with a twist!

A portrait of a cat doing the groom....based on my rescue cat Kesey. This would be a good pairing with my other cat ink painting for auction on Ebay right now, check them out!

But, you have to get in there quick for this one, as it's only a 3 DAY AUCTION!

Cat Groom Ebay Auction

Sunday, March 22, 2009

sleeping cat ink painting, on Ebay now!

sleeping cat ink painting
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One of my entries in the Ebay Nibblefest art contest. This is a themed contest that runs each month starting on the 20th and ending on the 27th, each piece of art starting at a no reserve price of $.99! Now how great is that?? This month's theme is Asian Inspired.

I have 2 pieces running right now, may have a third to list later tonight...

This piece is a chinese brushwork painting of a favorite subject of mine, a sleeping cat. This one based on my cat Alice. This is hand-ground chinese ink 9x12 Arches 300# watercolor paper.

Sleeping Cat Ebay Auction

Lotus painting Ebay auction

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One of my entries in the Ebay Nibblefest art contest. This is a themed contest that runs each month starting on the 20th and ending on the 27th, each piece of art starting at a no reserve price of $.99! Now how great is that?? This month's theme is Asian Inspired.

I have 2 pieces running right now, may have a third to list later tonight...

This first piece is a chinese brushwork painting of lotus flowers, watercolors on 8x10 Arches 300# watercolor paper.

Lotus Ebay Auction

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

raffle piece, second place

Minnie's Seinfeld cats
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This is the finished piece for my second place winner in my Valentine's Day raffle that benefited a local feline rescue. This second place winner won a rock portrait and I painted 3 of her cats on this large rock! She calls them her Seinfeld cats, and this is Kramer, Jerry and George! Such cute cats and such fun subjects! Enjoy them Minnie!!

I have a beautiful black cat to paint in oils on canvas for the first place winner, that will be arriving here soon, so stay tuned!

Dashiel under cover

Dashiel under cover
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My rescue siamese Dashiel likes to burrow under the covers and sleep, I caught this shot of just his paw sticking out last night, lol.

Silly head.

new storage!

new storage!
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Yesterday Bil hung some shelving in the garage to house some of my larger canvases, 30x40's and glad to get these up and out of the way! And, now that they aren't languishing in packing boxes behind and under things, I can get at them a bit easier and know what I have as well.


Friday, February 27, 2009

foo dog tattoo sleeve, more progress shots...

foo dog eyes
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So, I posted last night that I went in and we worked the sleeve AGAIN, lol....I can't believe I'm doing this every week. It's SO much fun having a sore arm all the time. And, it was sore last night, feels a bit better today.

Anyway, check out the progess shots of the peony flowers that have been finished, and the foo dog eyes and a bit of white added here and there...only touchups mostly to do now....perhaps 2 more sessions??

Going in again next Wednesday....

See all progess shots here...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

foo dog tattoo sleeve, work in progress...

Last Thursday we did more work on my tattoo sleeve. Seems strange to be going in so often for these sessions, but with Shayna leaving in April, time is of the essence. The nice thing is that we are able to work different portions of my arm in each session.

We did background this session, traditional japanese windbars and colored the smoke. The smoke looks reddish in these photos, but, as it heals is turning a light grey. The windbars will stay darkish.

Tomorrow, we will be doing more work, hoping to finish the blue peony flowers and perhaps do some more highlights of white and some touchup. Almost finished....

More photos of my foo dog sleeve here

Monday, February 23, 2009


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I was commissioned to paint a lovely german shepherd, and while I was working on this rock portrait, Rusty suddenly and tragically passed away. So bittersweet. I am so hoping his owner finds comfort in this portrait. Rusty was such a beautiful dog.

Frida wins EBSQ Simon Sez challenge!

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There is a weekly challenge on EBSQ called Simon Sez. The winner of the challenge each week picks the theme. Now how could I resist the "fur" theme?? lol! This photograph I took of my rescue cat Frida won last week, woo hoo!

See the EBSQ Blog for details...

Saturday, February 21, 2009

On Ebay right now!

This is my entry for the Ebay Nibblefest art contest this month, theme Vintage Cats. My cat Dashiel loves to sleep on top of my Beanie Babies, and I have painted him as such. This is an original 16x20 oil painting with a no reserve starting price of $.99, so, don't miss out on this auction! Search NFAC on Ebay this week from Feb. 20-27 for all the great Nibblefest entries!

Click HERE to see the auction!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cat Charity Winner Announcement!

Just announced the winner of my cat charity raffle, details in my LiveJournal blog...

Cats Decide the Winner!

This was so much fun to do, I think it will be an annual event. Thanks so much to all those who participated in the 2009 inaugural Tag's Cats Valentine's Day Raffle!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raffle Reminder!!!

Yes, I'm posting about this again because, well, it's important! Time is running out to enter my charity raffle to benefit the cats of Forgotten Felines and get your chance to win a custom pet portrait! It's been tough times for everyone these days, and animal rescues especially have been hard hit. These rescue folk work so hard for the cats in their care, and remember that every little bit helps.

You only have until noon on Valentine's Day to enter, that is when one of my cats will be picking the winner!


I've gotten a great response so far, thank you SO much to those who have opened their hearts to help these cats and those who so unselfishly care for them

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Charity raffle - win a custom pet portrait!

So, it's no secret it's been a pretty crappy few months around here in the house of many furries. I have lost 3 cats and a dog since just before Christmas. The latest, and really no surprise, was my sweet Bronte just this past Thursday. It was time, though no less heart-breaking, Bronte had been with me for nearly 17 years. She came to me a skinny flea-ridden kitten from the local humane society, and grew into a beautiful long-haired tortoiseshell cat, and kept her loving disposition throughout her life. She loved to be carried around and would rest her paws on my shoulder and purr into my ear.

I decided to honor her memory by helping other cats in need. I am running a raffle, the winner of which will receive a custom 16x20 pet portrait oil painting. The drawing will be held on Valentine's Day. All the proceeds will benefit a local feline rescue from whom I have adopted several cats, Forgotten Felines. Full details regarding the raffle can be found HERE

I'm happy to say since posting about it for the first time yesterday, I have some entrants already. Hoping for lots more!
Gentle journey, Bronte, my baby girl. I will always hear you purring in my ear.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cat Pillow

Cat Pillow
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Who says greyhounds and cats don't get along? That's Stella my greyhound using Dickens as a pillow....Dickens doesn't seem to mind too much.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cat bed

Cat bed
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Sunshine hits the bed in the afternoon, and so do the cats...

Stella & toys

Stella & toys
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Stella, my greyhound, sleeping with her toys, is this just too cute? She obviously can't pick a favorite...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2 Pears II

2 Pears II
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Just listed on Etsy, this is acrylic on 6x6 ampersand artist panel.

Dawn's Lucy - Lost and Found

This is a portrait I did for a fellow artist Dawn Thompson. We were swap partners in the 2008 EBSQ pet portrait swap, and I was late getting her portrait finished and entered it into the EBSQ Better Late Than Never Show.

This is an oil portrait of her sweet rescued dog Lucy. I loved the photo ref of her snuggled on some beautifully patterned cushions and decided to paint her as such. This dog has blossomed under Dawn's care, I'm so glad she found her way to Dawn, for she is truly home now.

This is 16x20 oils on stretched canvas. There's still time to vote for your favorite piece in the EBSQ Late Show, a few days left, so get out there and see the great entries! It's free to become a patron!

Heather's Gumbo

Heather's Gumbo
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This piece I finished on Christmas day. It's a portrait for a fellow EBSQ artist, Heather Sims. We meant to swap dog portraits for the 2008 EBSQ Pet Portrait swap, and both got overwhelmed, so ended up finishing our portraits in time for the EBSQ Better Late Than Never Show.

So, this is my entry and my portrait of Heather's beautiful collie pup, Gumbo. We decided to swap as we both have dogs named Gumbo, though mine is a JRT. It was so much fun painting her Gumbo, he's so lanky! I decided to put him on a fun size of canvas, this is an 8"x24" stretched canvas. He's done in oils, with a very limited palette, only titanium white, ultramarine blue, burnt sienna, and a bit of cinnabar.

Feel free to visit the Better Late Than Never Show, and vote for your favorite piece, it's free to become a patron of EBSQ! Only 2 more days to vote on this show!

Stella - relaxed

Stella - relaxed
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Oh to sleep like a greyhound.....though I have to say, I did wake up the other morning with my head hanging off the side of the bed, upside down. Now, how I got that way, I have no idea, except to think that I'm hanging around my dogs too much, lol!