Saturday, July 26, 2008

My treasury is HOT!!

Hey, if you haven't been out to visit my new treasury on Etsy, then get your butt out there and see all the wonderful works by the artists of VAST and Interior Design Team (some EBSQ and WWAO folk there as well!) Really nice stuff! This list is climbing the hot Etsy treasury chart in a hurry, I'm so pleased these artists are getting some nice recognition, and hopefully some sales as well! So, stop by the treasury...there is no more room for comments, but, be sure to click on each item and take a good look. The comments and clicks help the list move up, and besides, you know you want to see all this wonderful work! Thanks for visiting!

Here's the link to the list of "Beautiful Things..."

Oh, and if you haven't visited Etsy, why not?? It's a great place to find original art and handmade items. A fabulous community!

cats and ladders....

A friend mentioned in a reply to a previous post about putting a blankie on a ladder for Cassady and it's a new cat kidding, lol! Whenever a ladder goes up in this house for anything, before I even get a chance to climb it, there's usually a cat who's beat me to the top. As promised for a cat photo a day (or perhaps two or three, lol), here's a picture of my neurotic siamese cat Basho. This was taken several years ago in our screened porch, I was probably hanging plants at the time. The cats liked the stepladder so much I think I left it in there for a while. This photograph of Basho won a top award in an online cat show put on by a feline group I'm part of. He's such a beautiful cat, but those brain cells of his never quite made the connection that people are ok. I got him along with another oriental cat, Susu, when both were 6 months old (different breeds though, different litters, he's siamese, she's a black oriental shorthair). The breeder gave Susu to me because she was very small for her age and had an eye problem. But, she is typical oriental and very social. Basho just never got it and has always been fearful. It's like having a feral cat in the house. He's gotten a bit better over the years (he's 11 now), but, he'd just rather be with the other cats. He's a sweet boy, just never made the people connection for whatever reason. In fact, he usually bonds with another cat, at first he bonded with Tennessee our Maine Coon. When Tennessee passed, he bonded with TS, my grey and white boy. Sadly, TS was elderly and he passed as well. Now I will find Basho hanging sometimes with Chaim, also a grey cat, I guess Basho feels an affinity now for big grey boys.

Here's a pic of Susu....this was taken before her small right eye was removed....she does fine though, with one eye, and is sitting on my lap purring as I type this...

Here's a picture of Basho's first buddy, Tennessee, a lovely Maine Coon boy who died too young from the ravages of a horrible mouth ailment. He was such a sweet boy.

Friday, July 25, 2008

we're here to help....

I had taken some paintings to some shows recently, and was hanging them back up in my living room today. We have a high ceiling in there, and it takes our 9 foot ladder to hang those paintings above the mantel. Cassady apparently thought I needed some help. I think he really enjoyed the view from up there, the little poop.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

stop by and say hi tonight!

I'll be here at the stroll, so say hi if you are there! It's going to be a beautiful evening and lots of wonderful art to look at, don't miss out!

Sidewalk Arts Stroll is Back!!!!
Thursday July 17, 2008
4:30 to 8:30 pm It's FREE !
Downtown on the Courthouse Square-Huntsville

Featured Artist: Gina Percifull
Register to win her "Sidewalk" original artwork.
Proceeds to benefit the
Madison County Veterans Memorial Foundation

A great event for all ages. See you on the sidewalks!

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Colonial Graphics ♦ Public FA, Inc. ♦ Sugarbaker's
Big Spring Partners ♦ GW Jones & Sons ♦ Meridian Arts

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

just created this....

Just made this blog, if you are on LiveJournal, you may have seen me there Figured I'd set one up here as well since I am part of the Blogger community through art groups such as VAST and Interior Design Team Etsy. Anyway, will be posting more of my artwork here soon! Peace!